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Dozens  of students of Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar gathered in the college campus and held protests today to make a stand against the violent military crackdowns on protesters in Egypt.Hundreds of people have been killed in Egypt in protests against the ousting of Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mohammad Morsi.

The protests started at 3:30 pm and the protesters condemned the crimes that the coups had committed against Egyptians. Students marched within the campus with banners and slogans such as ‘stop war against Islam,’ for every Pharaoh there is a Moses’

Today’s demonstration was organized by the students of GMC who described what has happened in Egypt as a terrible massacre. A student held a banner with the words ‘for every Pharaoh there is a Moses’ written on it.

Nearly three protests marches took place around the college campus  and the students prayed for Egyptians and also for the other Muslim countries that have been oppressed.

Nearly 900 people have died in days of clashes nationwide between security forces and supporters of President Mohammad Morsi. Tensions in Egypt have soared since the army ousted Morsi, Mubarak’s successor. Millions of Egyptians protested on July 3 demanding the islamist President leave and accusing him of abusing his powers. But Morsi’s supporters fought back and demanded that he be reinstated denouncing the military coup.

Egyptian military and security forces have been engaged in a long- running battle against militants in the northern peninsula. 

The protest demonstration stopped after the protests chanted anti India slogans like “hum kya chahte Azaadi’ and asserted the unity of Muslim countries in the world. The demonstration remained peaceful all together.


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